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Graduation from the pilot programme

On 19th of April, seven students graduated from the winter long tourism course (pilot programme), run by the University Centre of South Iceland. The program corresponds to 18 ECVET units or about 460 hours.

At the graduation ceremony, the students introduced their final projects, all of whom cover different subjects although all have a clear connection with travel/tourism and service. The project covered various concepts and ideas; a new mushroom based restaurant and show-room; an authentic and natural Viking park; how to implement quality systems to hotels; and a walking map through a reserved part of the south highlands, to name a few.

According to the students, the studies have provided them with a better understanding of tourism and strengthen their foundation of knowledge when it comes to responsible and professional approaches to this rapidly expanding field.

Following the success of the pilot the aim is to have these courses available in the future to keep on educating people in the field of tourism.

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