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The Icelandic platform´s first meeting

The projects first intellectual output was to establish a concrete platform in each country that includes members from the industry. The aim is to use this platform for sharing ideas on best practices and decide on the most relevant topics to focus on. This platform will provide an overview of current situation in each participating country, mapping the potential programs to best reach the people working in the tourist industry, opening doors to knowledge sharing and education development in relation with tourism. This platform will also select one person from the platform to participate in the development of the courses with the project partners by going to the work meetings in all the partner counties as well as take part in hosting one meeting.

The Icelandic platform had its first meeting on the 12th of October. The members chosen to partake in the platform come from the different arias of the tourist industry, from hotel and restaurants to transportation and adventure tourism companies. The platform discussed the way the industry wants to approach the project and what it wants to get out of it. The fact that the industry is craving a variety of education due to its young age as an industry in Iceland, gives good leverage for innovative ideas. The hope is that this project will bring something new and exciting to the industry.

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